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Does Washington state have a law to Forgiveness of Child Support after certain time?

Clarkston, WA |

My husband clean very saving that we have (cash) to another country, and said he have health problems (chest pain, heart failure but no record, just a paper from doctor said " unable to work currently because of heart failure) So he say he have not been working so he can't pay child support. He have been out of country for few months now, don't contact the kids or anything. Is there anyway to make him pay...Or what happen after the Child support had been order and he still don't pay...what happen after that...or after for many years he owe me child support. Can he file a Forgiveness of Child support? If he does what can I do to stop that happening?

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  1. If the order was signed before 1989 it's a 10 statute of limitations starting from when the last payment was delinquent. If ordered after 1989, it's a 10 year statute of limitations starting when the youngest child is emancipated. See my AVVO Legal Guides for more information about the legal issues raised by your question. To find my Legal Guides, go to my AVVO home page by clicking on my photo; scroll down to "Contributions" and then click "Legal Guides." You will get a list of the 29 Legal Guides I have published on AVVO. Scroll down this list and select the topics that are relevant to your question.

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