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Does this qualify as Slander/Defamation?

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My business partner tells people that I said things when I don’t ever even talk to him anymore. I stopped talking to him after he repeatedly told people that I was his girlfriend, the thought of that grosses me out. I have never even given the guy a friendly hug. He makes up conversations that our other partner and I supposedly had with each other and tells the story as if he were there and tells other people about it. This has been going on for a couple of years now, and it is escalating. He previously told people, including a store interested in selling our product, that I was a thief, that I took my boyfriend out to dinner on company money and other allegations about me and this guy, which is a total lie. The guy I was seeing ended up walking away because he did not want to be the reason that our product that I had worked so hard on failed. Another lie he told to several people is that I wanted a romantic relationship with him, but he was being cautious.Now he has lied and told a mutual friend of ours that I said things that I never said. She has been my friend for over 30 and lives in Alaska. I cannot call Alaska and she cannot call California, but he can call her so he does and she and I can’t have a real conversation about it so she got all worked up and sent me a frantic text about what he told her I said. I was not able to respond as my text would not send to Alaska for some reason so she told me to have a nice life but just don’t hurt <business partner> because he also told her I was leading him on.Less than a month later he made false statements to my son that got him so upset with me that there was a physical altercation between us when he got home, causing injury to my left wrist. I don’t know the full story because he still is not talking to me. This occurred 4 days ago. I do know that it was supposed to be something that I said. But like I said earlier, I don’t even talk to this partner; everything is relayed through our third partner regarding business. Can I get an order to make him fix what he has broken, to make him own up to the fact he lied and clear my name regarding all of this, including the alleged theft and the relationship stories? I especially want him to tell my son that he lied about everything, that he had no idea about anything that I have said to anyone for the past year. I am now considering dissolving the LLC and just walking away. We are in the last stages of design and are almost ready to start production, but I just want to walk away because he seems to be a compulsive liar and I don't want to be in business with a liar. I spent two years of my life researching different materials and meeting with manufacturers by myself, not to mention writing a US and an International patent with no legal help whatsoever, also by myself. And the PCT patent was accepted on the first submission, so I made absolutely no mistakes. The Search Authority has completed their search, and found us to be unique so we are on the verge of possible success, but I do not feel like I am going to be a part of it because of the damage he has done to my reputation. I am too embarrassed to even speak to the people at the store where he told them I was a thief.There is a lot more to this than I have written here, he has really gone out of his way to make people think we are a couple, which really grosses me out and embarrasses me. Do I have any recourse available to me?

I have been looking in my area, and called my former co-workers in the DA's office, but cannot find an attorney in this area who will give a free consultation for this type of case. I tried the 'find a lawyer' tool on this website, and got the same results. Do you think a judge would allow me to do this IN PRO PER? I was a Legal Clerk in the DA's office for 5 years so I think I can muddle through the forms, but this is kinda scary for me. I think that if someone would just hear me out they would jump on this case, the guy owns prime real estate and has money in the bank. I don't want the money, the lawyer could take it all for all I care, I just want the guy ordered to set things straight and take responsibility for his actions, also to not spread any more lies about me. Oh, my son is speaking to me again so that's a good thing.

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    You seem to have a very strong case of Slander by this other person. If he is lying about you to everyone he knows, he may have an ulterior motive and that may be to force you to give up your patent work or exit your business altogether. The fact that you are about to do so, makes me think he might succeed. You need to hire an attorney that specialized in defamation actions and have him advice you about your next move. Do not give up your dream, you have worked hard to get your patents approved. Without more information regarding your relationship with this other slanderous person, I cannot advice you as to your next move, but if he was my employee. I would consider terminating him. If he was a partner, I would offer to buy him out or just dissolving the partnership. If he is an investor, offer to buy his shares and or oust him from the Corporation, if he is disparaging your corporation's goodwill and reputation. You may need to have an employment lawyer and or a business attorney to do either action. Do not let that jerk ruin your life's pursuit. Sorry about your issue with your son. I could recommend a First Amendment Lawyer for you out of Sacramento, he is not cheap. but might be just what you need at this time. Best of luck and remember, success is the best revenge!!!

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  2. This appears to be a clear case of slander. You should hire a defamation attorney and fight this through. Do not give up on your dreams or he will win.

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  3. You should contact a good defamation attorney. There are elements of sexual harassment in what you describe as well.

  4. You may find a defamation lawyer in your state by using Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool.

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