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Does this mean anything

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I live in a house that my employer rents to me at a reduced rate . I got hurt on the job And my employer fired me After they receive papers from my attorney. I am having several surgeries and I was asked by my employer to vacate the house in 30 days. I asked my past boss if I could stay in the house because of my medical situation and pay an increase in rent and I got a reply stating no. I did get a letter stating that if I dropped the Workmen's Comp. case against them that they would pay for my moving cost to get out of the house. Is this legal

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  1. Your lease needs to be reviewed, in my opinion, to determine whether this can be done. Some leases allow termination by one party or the other. If your rights are not clear, then you need to review them with your attorney.

    James Frederick

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  2. You would need to report this to your Worker's Comp Attorney to find out if the offer is legal.