Does the state test levels of a drug or controlled substance for a DUI in a blood test in Wake County?

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Does the state test levels of a drug or controlled substance for a DUI in a blood test in Wake County? I got a DUI in Wake County and was arrested and they took a blood test. I was not drinking whatsoever but I did have Xanax in my system, I do not have a prescription. My question is do they test the levels of a controlled substance in your system or do they just test for the presence of it? What drugs are tested for in a DUI blood test? Also, is it possible to be found not guilty? I have a few meeting with attorneys but that is on Friday and I wanted to get a clearer picture of what I am facing now.

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  1. Karl E. Knudsen


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    Answered . Since they know you were not drinking, they will give a DUI blood test for drugs and if you mentioned Xanax, they will specifically test for that. Depending on how they test it. it may simply reveal the presence or may also indicate the amount or concentration of the substance in your blood. Blood test cases are difficult for the state to prove. You definitely need to be represented by an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney. It is certainly possible to be found not guilty but your result will depend on a number of factors. Lawyer up.

  2. F. "Bill" William Powers

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    Answered . It's not uncommon in North Carolina for blood to be sent to the SBI State Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab for testing. One thing to be VERY cautious of is a "preliminary screening" for the existence of impairing substances vs. an actual GC Gas Chromatograph testing protocol.

    Although it is possible to determine the active / inactive metabolities in a blood sample, the reports don't always immediately indicate such. One would be wise to review the Chromatogram and calibration materials.

    It's an extremely complicated area of law. Make certain you speak with an attorney with substantial experience handling blood cases in Wake County. One of the best in Raleigh is John Fanney. I've taught numerous seminars with him. Please tell him I said hello!

    John K. Fanney

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    Contact John K. Fanney

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  3. Gregory David Spink

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    Answered . It will depend what the Testing Officer marked on the blood sample to be tested. If there was no alcohol present on your breath, the Officer probably thought you were impaired on drugs, so he/she more than likely marked the sample to be tested for everything.

    It is always possible to be found not guilty, you are innocent until proven guilty, there are many ways to fight a blood case. Find an attorney who focuses on DWIs to fight this case for you.

    Attorney Gregory Spink is licensed in North Carolina, with a focused practice in Mecklenburg and Gaston Counties.... more
  4. Philip Daniel Hache


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    Answered . It is possible that you'll have a DUI blood test for drugs. Did the officer ask you whether you were taking any prescription or non-prescription drugs? Did you perform FST's (including a Preliminary Alcohol screening test) prior to being arrested, and if so, how did you do? Did they have you perform additional tests (referred to as DRE's) after you were arrested? Did the officer give you a choice between breath and blood test, or just give you the blood test option? You are on the right track by setting up meetings with some attorneys in your area to discuss further. A lot of variables to be answered that can help speculate as to whether or not they will test for drugs.

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