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Does the state of Tennessee have lemon laws for used vehicles?

Somerville, TN |

I purchased a use vehicle 4 months ago since then we have had to have it towed to the dealership for major engine work. We had a carfax pulled /c no red flags. However the dealership said the vehicle had major work on the engine. Since we had had to have the vehicle in 3 more times since then. What recourse do we have?

Just to add the dealership that told us about the engine repair was not the dealership that we purchased the vehicle from.

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When it comes to used cars, your legal rights are often entirely dependant on the sales paperwork itself, including the Buyer Guide that should be posted on the car window when you first see it. If your car did not have a Buyer Guide posted, then the sky can open up for your salvation. But if one was on the car, then you should have gotten a copy of it in the sales paperwork and that will be the key document for what warranty rights you may have. If you aren't sure what a Buyer Guide looks like, click here: Another angle to think about is that in many states an oral promise about a car, made to you before you buy it, will still be enforceable after you buy the car. Problem is, it's harder to prove of course, so always try to get it in writing. Last, did you get an extended warranty or service contract with your used car? They often are price-gougingly costly, but if you did then that may help you out too. There are some other laws that can help you out, depending on what state you live in, and some of them are talked about on this web page: Most state's Lemon Laws don't cover used cars but to be sure you should either call your local attorney Bar Association or look for a Consumer Law attorney near you by checking this National List of Consumer Law Attorneys here:

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