Does the size of a claim affect how much my insurance rates will go up?

I've been in a car accident, and I'm not quite sure who is at fault yet. The damage to both cars was pretty extensive. Does the amount of damage done and following claim have any bearing on how much my insurance costs will increase?

Long Beach, CA -

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John Noah Kitta

John Noah Kitta

Personal Injury Lawyer - Fremont, CA

If you have a good driving record and haven't been involved in a serious accident for quite some time, the size of the claim really shouldn't affect your insurance rate to any significant degree. With myself as well as my clients, this has always been the norm. What you don't what to have is numerous water damage claims to your real property. In that regard, you quickly find yourself nearly, or totally, uninsurable. Unless you have a terrible driving record or other individuals on your policy have a lot of points with numerous damage claims, in all probability you will be alright in regard to your filing of this claim.

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Andrew Ronald Gillin

Andrew Ronald Gillin

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - San Jose, CA

Not as a general rule. If you have a good driving record up to now, they should not go up much, if at all. Good Luck

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