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Does the previous owner of my newly purchased home have any claim on items that were left on the property?

Rockford, IL |

I purchased a home in June of 2012. Now, six months later, the previous owner's son (and executor of the estate) wants items that he believes were left in the shed. Does he have any legal claim to said items (many of which were not in the shed when we purchased the home)?

I will add that this man has been...well, creepy and relentless about this...bordering on harassment; he tried to inviegle our minor son to let him into the shed to "look around."

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7 months after closing the owner's son has no claim to anything left on the property. If the man enters your property again, tell him to leave or you will call the police and report him as a trespasser.

Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein


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Use the police if this happens again.


Unless provided for in your purchase agreement or some other agreement to the contrary, the items he left behind are yours.

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