Does the owner of home have the right to change locks on door without permission to a tenants unit even if asked to vacate

owner asked tenant to vacate tenant agrees but has until the 1st of the mth owner changes locks on door without notice is this legal an wht actions can tenant take

West Haven, CT -

Attorney Answers (2)

Philip M. Block

Philip M. Block

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - New Britain, CT

This a lockout and can cause the ll big problems. Tenant has possession until they leave or the court orders them out.

Salvatore Bonanno

Salvatore Bonanno

Criminal Defense Attorney - Hartford, CT

Not legal if the tenant had a right to possess the property until some time AFTER the locks were changed. Possibly, if the tenant left apartment vacant, and left door unlocked, with a risk that someone may enter premises and cause damage... the landlord may have a defense that he was securing the premises, but sounds as if that's not the case. Good luck

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