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Does the non-custodial parent have to pay for school lunches on top of child support?

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In the non - custodial parent and she keeps sending me half the clothes bills and lunch bills as well as extra - - curricular on top of support . My question is do I have to pay for school lunches ?

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  1. That would depend on how the support provision of your judgment or parenting agreement reads. If these items are those that you have agreed to or been ordered to pay, then yes you have to pay it. If it is not referenced, then no, you don't have to pay it. You should take your child support order / judgment to an attorney for a thorough review.

  2. You are required to pay whatever your support Order said you have to pay. If those items are included then yes, you should pay them. I agree with the earlier Attorney poster. Re-read your support order with an attorney and check for what you are to be paying to ensure you are in compliance with the order.

  3. if it is not in your support order that you pay that, then i take the position that part of the support money if for food. lunch is food. the custodian should pay.

  4. No you do not unless the support orer or divorce judgment states you do. The sam with clothes. The child support typically covers the food, cloths and extra curriculars UNLESS otherwise stated in your support order and/or judgment. For those recently divorced there is a new law that now allows monies paid beyond child support for school expenses and extra curriculars and daycare/childcare. But again if your orders do not state that then you do not have to pay. They wouldhave to be specifically worded. You should go talk to a lawyer in person if you still have questions

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  5. These expenses should be covered by your child support, unless your Judgment specifically states differently.
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  6. You not only need to look at your support order but you also need to look at any other agreement you have, such as a joint parenting agreement. Within that agreement it may state that you are equally responsible for these items. If that language does not appear in neither your agreement nor on your support order, you are not responsible for the repayment.

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