Does the non-custodial parent get custody, when the custodial parent goes to jail in another state.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Patterson, GA

the custodial parent was arrested for domestic abuse against her husband and son in Kansas.
she and my husband have daughter together, the Kansas police then found out she has an outstanding warrent in FL for drugs, and is being extradited to FL. leaving his daughter with her step-dad. all of the divorce decree and visitation between my husband and ex-wife are from wayne county GA. when she left with the child she did not modify any court orders. we keep in touch with the daughter as much as possible, and we have seen her 2 times in nearly 4 years. the ex-wife has health issues ans abuses her prescribed medications. and as of right now we have no idea how long or what consequences she has to deal with.

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  1. Glen Edward Ashman


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    Answered . Your post is confusing but it sounds like you are asking if a jail sentence somehow changes custody, and the answer is no. To change custody, one of the parents has to take the other parent to court, and that should be done with a lawyer.

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  2. Ikemesit Amajak Eyo

    Contributor Level 18

    Answered . A noncustodial parent does not automatically gain primary custody of their child unless the custodial parent passes away.

    For your husband to obtain primary custody of his daughter, he will have to file an action to modify the current custody order. Since the order was issued in Georgia, GA maintains jurisdiction to modify the order. Your husband should consider contacting an attorney in his area to discuss his options.

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  3. Bruce Clement


    Contributor Level 19

    Answered . See my AVVO Legal Guides on child custody and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.

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