Does the FDCPA and the Texas Fair Debt Collection Practices Act apply to attorneys who are trying to collect a judgment in TX?

Asked almost 3 years ago - Plano, TX

Can i sue them for harassment? How do i get them to stop harassing or contacing me at work or at inconvenient times? They have won the judgment i told them i cant ay right now can i stop them or sue them for harassment? Cant i press charges here in Texas?

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Do these laws apply to judgment creditors?

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    Answered . The Texas Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does apply to attorneys who are functioning as debt collectors. Here are some helpful links that outline permissible and impermissible behavior.

    Best of luck!

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    Answered . Both the Texas and the Federal Fair Debt Collection Acts include attorney's. In short they must do the samething as any debt collector must do..

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    Answered . I can't speak for the Texas FDCPA, but the federal FDCPA does apply to attorneys.

    Remember, these acts apply only to those seeking to collect on consumer debts.

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