Does the apartment complex have to have a book of complaints by Texas law?

I complained to the management about late night noise before, and when I came again after another party, they denied I ever came before to complain. Then I asked them to sign a paper that I prepared myself that only acknowledges the fact that I came that second time and notified about the problem, and obviously they wouldn't sign. How am I supposed to prove I ever came at all, then? If they don't want to sign my paper - fine, but aren't they supposed to have an official book of complaints where any tenant can leave a note? Is there some sort of a regulation that obliges them to have a book/online form/etc. that anyone can go back to and see all complaints there? So far, there is just no way of proving I left any complaints at all (there are other issues as well). Thank you.

Houston, TX -

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Cheryl Rivera Smith

Cheryl Rivera Smith

Real Estate Attorney - Frisco, TX

I have never heard of a book of complaints. You can swear out an affidavit as to your past actions, and with whom. Your best bet is to send a certified letter and one by regular mail. That way you have proof of mailing and you can testify that the one sent by regular mail was not returned in case they don't pick up the certified letter.

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