Does the amount of time it takes to reach a personal injury settlement have anything to do with how much money you get?

My settlement is dragging on and on. Will that somehow add more value to what the total amount will be? .

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Mark Wayne Napier

Mark Wayne Napier

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Cincinnati, OH

The reasons why a case has not been concluded are numerous. Are you still treating? Is liability disputed? Is the medical cause of your injuries or conditions disputed? This is a question you need to discuss with your current attorney. Some claims and cases can be settled fairly quickly while others take a very long time. Depends on the case specific facts and circumstances.

Steven A Schwartz

Steven A Schwartz

Personal Injury Lawyer - Boston, MA

There are many reasons why settlement negotiations can drag on. Sometimes reasonable, sometimes not. If you have an attorney, it is best to speak with him or her about the reasons why there is delay.

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Paul Y. Lee

Paul Y. Lee

Defective and Dangerous Products Attorney - Irvine, CA

Not necessarily. It is hard to say that there is a correlation between the amount of time it takes to settle a case and the amount of settlement. There are many reasons why it may take a long time for a case to settle.

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