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Does the ''adjournment in contemplation of dismissal'' means I was not convicted ?

New York, NY |
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I'm a French leaving in NYC and I have to go to court the December 22th (same day I'm leaving back to France) for unlawful possession of Marijuana (less than 5 grams for 3 people). If I'm not mistaken I should be able to ask for an ACT (as it's the first time). Does it mean I would have to recognize myself guilty of something? Will I be allowed to come back to the USA without asking for a waver? (If convicetd = waiver) That the main concern for me as I will have a job in relation with the USA. Thank you for your help.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. An ACD, when complete, means you do not have a conviction. You must satisfy the terms of the ACD before the case is dismissed. Failure to satisfy the terms of your ACD will result in reinstatement of the charges against you.