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Does refusal to reimburse my legitimate, documented reimbursable expenses constitute ground for suing my former employer (Msft)?

Kirkland, WA |

I am a former employee of Microsoft. My offer letter stipulated reimbursable relocation expenses and timeline. At the time of very unexpected termination at the whim of my 2nd line manager, I had portions of what I was entitled to unused (which is why I did not file for reimbursement on the part that was used already). I immediately reacted asking for reimbursement and spent time & effort, per HR instructions, to document already spent $. Subsequently, they denied, on the grounds that it was more than 90 days from when expenses were incurred. But (i) it was already >90 days when they instructed me to file, (ii) I had a year to use all parts (and all is within 1 yr), and (iii) their re-interpretation of 90-day rule retroactively negates all previous agreements and is an illogical catch-22.

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  1. Your statement appears to present a question of contract. Interpretation of a contract requires examination of the written documentation. If the amount in controversy is under $5,000, you can sue in small claims court. If the amount in controversy is larger, you should probably retain an attorney.

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