Does receiving a parking ticket revoke a deferred finding of speeding?

I received a speeding and failure to obey stop sign ticket in February 2012. I paid for one and deferred the other. I understand that a moving violation would certainly revoke the deferred finding, but does a menial parking ticket do the same? On another note, I received a speeding ticket when I was on my motorcycle, in July 2012 (I was driving my car when I received the tickets in February) and the police office did not mention anything about the deferred finding, nor did I receive anything from the courthouse stating that my deferred finding was revoked. I checked and my license is not suspended. Am i in the clear on this? Last thing, is the deferred finding timeframe end on the date of the infraction or the date that it was filed to the courthouse, which was in May? Thanks!

Seattle, WA -

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Andrew C Huff

Andrew C Huff

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Seattle, WA

The answer to all of your questions can be answered in two depends. More specifically, it depends on the specific wording of your deferred finding agreement and occasionally how a judge "interprets" this wording if it is not totally clear. This is a good example of why you should always pay a little now and retain an eperienced and competent traffic attorney to handle any future tickets for you. Here to help...

Aaron Lukoff

Aaron Lukoff

Criminal Defense Attorney - Bellingham, WA

It might. It depends on the language of the deferral agreement that you signed or agreed to comply with. Not all jurisdictions will put the screws to you for parking tickets and yet others will. That is why these deferral agreements are usually a bad idea. Instead you should have paid for a good traffic lawyer to take care of these cases for you. Most people think that they can play traffic lawyer and do it themselves and usually they screw up and make it worse for themselves.


Howard Robert Roitman

Howard Robert Roitman

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Las Vegas, NV

Get a lawyer and look into it.

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