Does North Carolina jail/prison's offer time off for good behavior

i know someone who was arrested in Cherokee north Carolina and i was wondering if they offer time off for good behavior

Cherokee, NC -

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Stephen Michael Corby

Stephen Michael Corby

Litigation Lawyer - Charlotte, NC

NC does not have a parole system like some other states. However, there is a program called Advanced Supervised Release. The DA's office has to agree to the program and it is incredibly difficult to get. Furthermore it is only available for a small subsection of felonies, only classes H-D.

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Damon John Chetson

Damon John Chetson

Violent Crime Lawyer - Raleigh, NC

Yes and No. We have structued sentencing. Unless you are offered Advanced Supervised Release (at sentencing, with the DA's consent), then you will serve the minimum sentence.

If you're sentenced from 10 to 12 months, you'll go in serving the 12, but the DAC (formerly the DOC) can knock time off for good behavior, etc., but you will serve the minimum of 10 months.

ASR is a new system introduced in 2011 that allows sentences to be cut even more significantly, but because the DA must agree, it only conceivably can happen under a plea agreement, and only where the DA consents.

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James Regan

James Regan

Violent Crime Lawyer - Fort Pierce, FL

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