Does my mother need to be named executor of estate if she's on my father's will?

Asked over 1 year ago - Bakersfield, CA

My father was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer and squamous cell carcinoma. If he passes, does my mother need his will and document called executor of estate to continue to pay the loan on their home. She is on the title of the home but not the loan. If she doesn't drive, will she be able to become owner of his vehicles? Thank you.

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  1. Charles Adam Shultz

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    Answered . I am sorry for your dad's condition. Fortunately, it sounds like there may still be time to prepare a trust and fund the trust. Absent that, title to the property should be community property with rights of survivorship, same for bank accounts. As to the cars, filing forms with the DMV with the Will and death certificate will be enough. Try to contact a local estate planning attorney for assistance immediately.

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  2. Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

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    Answered . I'm sorry for your circumstances, but Attorney Johnson is correct. Ideally, your father would be able to meet with an experienced estate planning lawyer who could review your parents' assets and prepare the necessary documentation to insure that the assets are passed easily to your mother at your father's passing. Furthermore, the attorney may be able to work with the bank to confirm that your mother can continue to pay the mortgage after your father's death without any undue problems. Good luck to you and your family.

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  3. Matthew Erik Johnson

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    Answered . She does not "need" to but she is entitled by law to be named executor over all community property - and unless the Will states otherwise, likely has a first opportunity over non-community property as well.

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  4. David Christopher Bynum

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    Answered . I very sorry to hear about your circumstances. You may be able to contact the mortgage company to get your mother named on the loan during your father's life, absent that you may need to refinance the loan once your father passes as the loan will become due at that point. Becoming owner of the vehicles is a simple matter of filing an affidavit with the DMV to transfer title. I would highly recommend preparing a trust for your parents now to help avoid some of the difficulties you have mentioned and some others which you may not have considered. An advanced health care directive and power of attorney for your father will likely be valuable as well. Again, I am truly sorry to hear about your circumstance.

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  5. Gregory Paul Benton

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    Answered . She will need to file a Petition For Probate of the estate and submit the will to the probate court. She can only act upon orders of the court. The Will expresses your father's intentions but the court will need to issue orders according to the Will. She will be able to become owner of the vehicles even though she doesn't drive.

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