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Does my mmj card make it illegal for me to carry a gun with a concealed pistol license?

Ellensburg, WA |

I got my mmj card after I got my cpl and I'm hearing that now my cpl may be invalid. Is this true? I can't find an answer online.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Unlawful users of controlled substances are prohibited from possessing firearms, ammunition, or explosives under federal law. 18 USC 922(g)(3). Marijuana is still a controlled substance under federal law. An attorney at the FBI NICS division stated that an applicant having a medical marijuana card is a "slam dunk" for a NICS denial. If that card is registered with the government, there is a good chance that it will be reported to NICS. A NICS denial means that the person is prohibited from purchasing and/or possessing a firearm. You need to consult an attorney.

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