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Does my juvenile record get cleared when I turn 18?

Long Grove, IL |

I was recently arrested for underage drinking. I will turn 18 next week. Will my offense be dropped and my record cleared? Will I need to expunge my offense? What should I do?

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If you have not hired an attorney, do so now. There are many consequences you want to avoid such as a suspension of your driving privileges. There is no law or defense that says an underage drinking ticket will be dropped once a person turns 18 especially since the legal drinking age in Illinois is still 21.
If you are eligible to expunge this case, your attorney will explain the process to you and when you will be eligible to petition to expunge it. Nothing happens automatically. This will stay on your record forever unless you take the step to file a petition to expunge. Your attorney will explain this to you in greater detail.


The charge will not be dropped. A conviction or supervision will result in suspension of your driver's license. Hire an experienced defense attorney in your location who can negotiate an amended charge to avoid this. That attorney will likely be able to handle your expungement as well.


Why would you think it will be dropped? Talk to your family and have them hire an attorney.Sincerely,

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