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Does my husband have a good chance of winning a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for false imprisonment

Glendale, AZ |

In February 6th of 2013 my husband was arrested, he was charged with 2 counts of money laundering, trafficking with stolen property and gang affiliation. My husband has gone to prison for DUI before, so if he was convicted he was looking at a minimum of 3.5 years. After him being in there for 3 months our current attorney put in a Dessureault Hearing, because my husband did not commit any crime, in fact he doesn't even know any of the people involved. After all this is dismissed, should he sue? If so, how much can he sue for?I have spent over $12K in attorney fees, and many more things.

A few details I did not include were when my husband was arrested inside of a grocery store, they never read him his Miranda rights, I asked multiple times, why he was being arrested and they never answered. If we wouldn't have hired an attorney till this day we would not really known why he was arrested. Another thing I did not mention was that, the Police department arrested him on the assumption that he was the son of the registered vehicle owner, because they share the same last name, but the reality is that my husband is the only one from his family not to have his father's last name but his mother. Lastly, the police report said that they took pictures of my husband, but when they produced the picture, you could not see anything only a glary picture of a vehicle in front of the sun.

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This is a good question for the attorney that you hired to answer since that attorney knows the facts here

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