Does my granny have a lawsuit? she had a knee replacement that went bad and had to get a second one done.

Asked about 2 years ago - Jacksonville, FL

dont relly know details but she went conplaining of pain and doctorers told her nothing was wrong. a year later an infection came and the same doctor took x rays and sent her to a specialist that said the first knee went bad and thay had to do anotherone so they took the knee out and she had to go like 3 months with know knee at all for the infection to go thay put the knew knee in and thers another infection. just terrible.

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  1. Joshua L Fenton

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    Answered . More information is definitely required to analyze any potential malpractice claim. A less-than-ideal outcome from a surgical procedures does not, itself, provide a basis for legal relief. What matters is whether or not the healthcare provides involved performed adequately and to the required duty of care. It is essentially a negligence case, but tailored to the conduct of healthcare professions acting in their vocation. A medical malpractice attorney can give you specific insight into the strength of your case once they have been armed with the requisite factual information.

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  2. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . Have a local medical malpractice lawyer order her medical records and send to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care, or even a defective knee replacement.

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  3. Marc Edward Stewart

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    Answered . It is unlikely that your grandmother would have a good claim. Knee replacement procedures can cary a certain amount of complications that can occur even in the absence of physician negligence. Infection is relatively common; so are difficulties with scar tissue development and natural variances in the quality of post-op healing. As a result, knee replacements sometimes need to be re-done.

    If this event happened in Florida, I would also point out that your state's government passed sweeping medical malpractice tort reform. This means that lawsuits against doctors and hospitals are very difficult for Florida patients to pursue. Even legitimate claims often cannot be litigated for practical reasons. The issue of tort reform also negatively impacts your grandmother's ability to pursue this claim. If this frustrates you, consider this issue when you vote this November. Elections matter.

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