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Does my friend. Need a criminal lawyer. They Guy she was talking to was saying he will send money but she said yea ok then no.

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My friend was on a internet chat line she exchanged numbers with a Guy he said he was 25He wanted to have phone sex and they exchanged eroitic photo'sThey only talked three times for less than 30 mins. On the last phone call she found out by the mother that he lied about his age and that he was 16.She had no idea he was underage. On the internet chat he said hE was 25 and the parents knew he lied when he got caught he said he was 25 thats the only reason why she exchanged phone numbers with the Guy. She lives on the west coast and she found out he lives on the east coast never talked about meeting up with the guy. She talked to the father about whathappened on the phoe. The father told her that they will not press any charges. But the three s

But the three sexual conversations was recorded at the home of the Guy. The father of the underage Guy said that pressing charges on you is like pressing charges on a robbery at my home. My friend does know his name and they might know here name she lives in California he lives in Nevada she has no idea that he was underage. If she knew that she would have never exchanged phone numbers. With the underaged Guy. The father said no harm done once they got to the bottom of everything. He told her to change her phone number so the teen wont call her and she did immediately after the phone call. She has no criminal record at all she is not that type of person at all she feels discussted

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  1. She doesn't need a criminal lawyer yet. If law enforcement ever contacts her about this, she should only say that she doesn't want to speak to them without a lawyer present. But she should then remain completely silent if any law enforcement people try to speak with her (and then she should get a lawyer), and she should stop communicating with the parents about this right away and stop talking about it with anyone.

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  2. She doesn't need a lawyer...yet. If the father, the chat room monitors or the ISP reports it to law enforcement and they begin investigator her, then she will need an attorney.

    Claiming you didn't know the actual age is usually irrelevant to law enforcement. They usually take the position that all pedophiles and molesters say the same thing. It is unfortunate, but sometimes people who truly have no interest in underage sexual conduct get caught up in law enforcement's overzealous web when it comes to activities of this type.

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  3. IF your friend is contacted by the police, she can retain counsel. The CA and her county bar associations can provide referrals, if needed.

    If charged, she will be provided with counsel if she cannot afford one.

    The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

  4. You need to stop providing such specific details regarding a potential crime. You claim to be posting a question for "a friend" but do not claim that you are a witness to what actually happened or was said. If you're not a witness or actually the friend, you are simply relating a scared person's version of a potentially illicit interaction with a minor that may well have included more than what you've been told. Do not post further details. Here I will respectfully disagree with my colleagues. Your friend should hire a criminal attorney where he/she can confidentially reveal exactly what happened. The attorney can then investigate the matter and do everything possible to avoid a potential filing of a criminal allegation. Waiting until the cops investigate (i.e. fabricate evidence, coach witnesses, and create an imbalanced picture of what actually happened) is a passive approach that doesn't best serve the potential criminal defendant. Hire an attorney, let him investigate, have him on standby - all of this will reduce the chance your friend will face criminal charges and give your friend piece of mind. As I said, as a friend you don't know what actually happened, perhaps your friend is too embarrassed to reveal the full truth. Advise your friend to hire an attorney and you should stay out of this matter. Good luck.

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