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Does my ex husband have the right to do a loan modification without my consent?

Evansdale, IA |

I signed a quit claim deed prior to our divorce and he never refinanced. I know I'm still legally responsible for the debt as a co-borrower. He has missed the last 10 payments and recently was approved for a loan mofication with out my knowledge. He asked me to sign some papers, but I refused. I want the house to go into forclosure so it will not count toward my debt to income. I know the forclosure will still be on my credit, but it's been ruined already from his late payments over the last few years. When I called the bank I got 2 anwsers. 1. with a quit claim deed and divorce papers they can approve loan mod. 2. that a paper was signed with my signature (I didn't sign) so forged maybe. does the bank need my signature for the loan mod to be approved?

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  1. Bear in mind I am not in your state.

    You need to see a lawyer immediately. If he forged papers he can go to jail, and the paperwork may be void or voidable.

    A foreclosure may be worse on credit than late payments, and you should see a lawyer to determine what actually is best for you.

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