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Does my ex have rights?

Elkhorn, WI |

I am currently pregnant and was never married to her father, he will not be on the birth certificate, does he have rights to have visitation two hours away?

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  1. The father will not have any rights to the child (or be obligated to support the child) until he obtains a paternity judgment from the court establishing his rights and obligations.

    My answer does not automatically make me your attorney or create a former-client/current-client relationship with you. I encourage you to speak with an attorney before acting upon any of the statements I make. If you would like to speak with me further about your issue, please schedule a free initial consultation (in person or over the phone) by calling my office at (920) 459-8490, or by emailing me at You can also visit for more information.

  2. No. No rights at all.

  3. If you get governmental assistance for the child, you will be asked to identify the father for child support purposes. The counties want the men responsible for these children paying support. I am unsure what happens if you fail to identify the father. If a paternity action is started, he in fact could request visitation right and might get them, but distance will play a factor.

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