Does my daughter's mother get to keep the child support card if...

Does my daughter's mother get to keep the child support card if she allowed our daughter to stay with me (in another state). I'm putting my daughter through school and everything, but does her mother still keep the child support card if I'm the one that's going to keep her? And if she is allowed to still keep the card, why? PLEASE GIVE ME ANSWERS THANK YOU

Phoenix, AZ -

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Shannon Bradley

Shannon Bradley

Child Support Lawyer - Tempe, AZ

Without knowing more about your matter, it sounds like you need to file a petition to modify physical custody, parenting time, and child support. If you have physical custody of your daughter and are still paying the mother child support, you need to change the child support order. A change in the child support order will make her "card" ineffective. She should be paying child support to you, most likely, if your daughter lives with you.

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Patrick S Sampair

Patrick S Sampair

Child Support Lawyer - Mesa, AZ

What is a child support card??

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