Does my aunt have right to my money that I put in her name?

I was given a settlement check and hired a financial advisor a while back. My aunt had me take it out and put it into her name when I moved in with her so I could get on food stamps. She still has a large portion of my money and says she's going to sign it over to my mom. It has just now become a problem because I have a warrant out and I was told my aunt that she would give me the amount of money needed to bond myself out when I turn myself in. Now she refuses to give it to me. Is there anything that says she has no right to my money?

Kansas City, MO -

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Leonard Komen

Leonard Komen

Commercial Real Estate Attorney - Saint Louis, MO

First, you have admitted to criminal conduct on the internet, by concealing funds in order to get food stamps, so you should now look for a criminal attorney.

Secondly, you aunt in theory holds the money in trust for you, but you have no leverage to get it back. If you sue, you are admitting in court documents, that you have committed fraud.

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