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Does most domestic violence result in divorce?

Dallas, TX |
Filed under: Domestic violence

I am married and have experienced a mild domestic violence but I don't think its that serious. One thing I do not want is a divorce. Does most domestic violence result in divorce?

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  1. You may want to attend a battered spouses meeting or group. That may lead your spouse to attend a batterer's program. That way, you make an informed decision whether to continue. No amount of domestice violence is acceptable, but with counseling and group the couple may arrive at a violence free relationship. Violence is serious; so is divorce.

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  2. I am sorry that you are going through this. Non one can tell you how to live your life and please remember you have one, you live in a free country and men and women fought and lost their lives to protect that freedom. No one should ever touch you if you don't want them to and that includes your husband and your family. Please seek some therapy of some sort and as my esteemed collegue so perfectly stated, there are batterers classes that show the truth. take care and please be safe.

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  3. The advice my colleagues have offered you is very sound, and I encourage you to seek the counseling they suggest. Domestic violence can escalate over time, and can disguise itself, at least in the beginning, as controlling behavior, unjustified jealousy and accusations of infidelity, and isolating the victim from sources of support, such as family and friends. In my experience, victims often blame themselves for their own abuse, make excuses for the abuser's behavior, and underestimate the impact the violence directed at them may have on their children. If any of this sounds familiar to you, I urge you to seek help. It may be that the violence you experienced was a one-time, never to be repeated thing, but please do not allow yourself to be harmed in the name of trying to keep your marriage together. You deserve so much more than that. I wish you the best.

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