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Does landlord have to get pest control to my apartment immediately & does he have to pay for me to be elsewhere if I am allergic

Phillips Ranch, CA |

I got ants 3 days ago - lots of them - I have to keep spraying with chlorox every 3-4 hours to control a little. I work/sleep so they get bad. Landlord states that he has a contract for pest control to come out every Wednesday and I have to pay $25 if I want them there earlier - is this correct and right? Also, I am VERY allergic to the spray - I found this out when they came and sprayed for fruit flies. I ended up in the emergency room - after throwing up 68 times, got dehydrated, they gave me anti nausea and also gave me a $2700 bill for it. Should they pay for me to stay somewhere else while they spray? Or should they be responsible for the hospital bill? It is not my fault they have bugs.

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  1. If the premises has been rendered uninhabitable by either ants or spray, then you may be able to withhold rent and find alternative accommodations. There are very specific steps you must take before employing this remedy and you should consult with an attorney before proceeding. Most importantly, you must notify the landlord in writing.

    Mr. Bozarjian is an attorney licensed in California and Massachusetts. Please contact him directly through AVVO for help on your case. The information provided is not to be relied upon as final legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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