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Does it usually take this long to receive a settlement check?

New York, NY |

Hi. I was involved involved in a car accident in 2008 in NY. We, my PI attorney, the liable party's insurer, & I, reached a settlement agreement & I signed the release 5 wks ago, going on 6 wks now. When I asked my attorney how long does this part take (receiving the check, waiting for it to clear,etc) he stated about a month. I do have 3 liens (disability & 2 medical). I don't want to appear greedy or pushy but is it ok to call now & ask when will I receive my check or should I continue to wait?How long? How long does it "generally" take to contact medical providers, negotiate what is owed to them & do I have to wait for their checks to be issued as well? Also, do health insurance companies notify policyholder holders if they are placing a lien on a settlement?

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  1. The more liens there are to negotiate, the longer it can take to complete a settlement. Getting the check from the insurance company typically takes 30 days or less, but negotiating multiple outstanding liens can take longer depending on how hard the lienholders want to bargain. A good attorney will try to negotiate the liens to get you as favorable a resolution of the liens as possible. Unfortunately, depending on who the lienholders are.

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