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Does it look bad if in the middle of a criminal def of drug poss I switch lawyers?

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The lawyer I hired initially to represent my girlfriend made some very big statements when we were hiring him, but now has changed his tune. He went from very nice and confident to a scared dick. We were referred by her bail bond person and actually paid our down payment after talking mostly with his secretary. Now after doing our research and see reviews, we think we maybe should hire a different lawyer and chalk it up to money spent on teaching us a lesson. Does that look bad if the lawyer has already rescheduled the first court hearing several times?

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It's not uncommon to switch attorneys in a criminal case. Generally speaking, if there is no trial setting, it doesn't look like anything to switch lawyers in a criminal case. I'd recommend asking the lawyers you interview how it will look to switch attorneys mid case. I'm sure they will agree that without a pending deadline (trial, pre trial etc), it will not "look bad" to anyone.

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Mr. Guest is correct. In fact, if not set for trial, it is likely that the only person that will notice is the coordinator of the court. the DAs switch frequently and the judge usually does not take notice of the attorneys signing the resets in beginning.

You will not likely get additional time by switching attorneys but courts are understanding if you need a new attorney because your prior attorney is not protecting your rights.

Good luck to you and feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss options in Dallas.

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It is common in criminal cases for defendants to switch attorneys. It is important to find someone that you have trust and confidence in and that has a good reputation. It is also important that if you do switch attorneys that you do it in a timely matter. For example you should not wait a week before trial. If you decide to hire a new attorney you should give them time to properly research and investigate the case so that they can provide your best possible defense.


I agree with my colleagues here and what they have said. I would only add two things. First, that if your case does go to trial then that jury will have no idea that you have changed lawyers 1 or 10 times. That kind of thing is simply out of bounds. It will not impact the trial of the case. Second, the local DA or (County Attorney in some TX counties) might respond positively or negatively to a switch. That may change plea negotiations in the case. But you won't know that until you switch. Bottom line...Don't be afraid to switch if you think it is in your best interest. The consequences are too far reaching not to be sure about what you are doing.

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