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Does Implied Consent mean the breathalizer. What is officer refused to give you breahalizer or FST if you requested?

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Does the officer need to have video of the car accident if that is the reason you were arrested for DUI?

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Typically, implied consent means chemical testing of the officer's choice - blood, breath or urine. Refusal to comply will result in an administrative suspension of your license. Breathalyzres, videos and field tests are merely evidence. None are required for a DUI arrest but much can be made of their absence at negotiation or trial.

Wayne Brucar


The request pursuant to the implied consent law can be for a sample of you breath (through an INTOX 5000 machine), blood or urine. It is a complicated issue with many variables working. The officer should have done at least 3 field test with you. The one-leg stand, the 9 step walk and turn and the HGN (eye) test. The officer would not be required to administer any field test although failing to do so would not provide him evidence to use against you. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Also, please keep in mind that you have 10 days to appeal the notice of license suspension. Good Luck!

P. Darrell Kimbrell


Implied Consent means that when you made your application for the driver's licence, you impliedly consented to have you breath, blodd or urine tested at an officers request should the officer believe that you were driving at a time when you were impaired by alcohol drugs. This consent which you gave at that time has always been subject to your right to refuse the test which, in Georgia , is requested at the officer's discretion as the breath, blood or urine. While in some states, such as California a driver has the right to request test, not so in Georgia. After submitting to the officer's requested test, you are entitled to have an independent test of any of these substances by qualified persons at your own expense.
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As Mr. Young explained above, Implied Consent is a complex issue which allows the officer to request a test of your blood, breath, or urine after first placing you under for DUI arrest (or having probable cause to believe you were DUI in some cases). The officer is not required to administer field sobriety evaluations or to administer a preliminary breath test (Alco-Sensor) prior to arrest, even if you request it. Only after first submitting to the requested state test, are you are entitled to an independent test at your request. You should consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney to see whether there are "implied consent" issues which could be used to your advantage in your case.

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