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Does filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminate a housing court judgement/eviction from my credit report?

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due to a recent housing court judgement and now being black-listed, it is nearly impossible to find a new apartment. i'm wondering if filing for bankruptcy would help... or would it still show up on the credit report or background check?

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Public judgments of record would appear in your credit report, despite the bankruptcy.

The money damages would likely be dischargeable.

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Your credit report is a document of your use of credit in the past. Bankruptcy only eliminates existing debt, it doesn't rewrite history. Hope this perspective helps!

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Bankruptcy does not remove anything from your credit report. In order to remove an item from your credit report, you must prove to the credit reporting agencies that the item as reported is in error.

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Erasing or removing the underlying debt via Chapter 7 filing (upon which the judgement is based) should remove the judgement. However, you should contact the credit agency and advise it that the underlying debt has been discharged and ask that the judgement be removed from your credit report. Good luck.

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Filing for relief under Chapter 7 enables a person to eliminate debt and void any further personal liability on that debt. It does not however erase, eliminate, or dispute any items that are listed on your credit report. You will have to contact the major credit bureaus ( i.e. transunion, equifax and experian) in writing to remove or eliminate any items that appear on your credit report. Good luck.

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