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Does father have to provide me with an insurance card

Chicago Heights, IL |

Court ordered to provide medical coverage. Father put kids on current wife's insurance because his employer doesn't offer good benefits. Kids were on state benefits which will no longer pay prime because they know they have commercial insurance. I asked the father for the card & he does not want me to have it cuz they are covered under his wife's plan. He wants me to ask him before I take kids to apps or ER so he can determine when he can come show drs the card. I asked him for the card so I don't have to wait around for him because anything can happen. I wanted to know if he has to provide me with a card for my kids so that I can take them when necessary w/o waiting on him. I guess he is being territorial because its his wife's insurance

Attorney Answers 2

  1. It sounds like the father is begging to return to court. What a waste of resources! If you were married to the man, look at your divorce decree and/or parenting agreement. Usually providing an insurance card is mentioned. If you were not married, look at all your parenting papers for the same thing. Then go to a lawyer and discuss your options. Perhaps a demand letter would solve your problem. Good luck.

  2. Just the threat of dragging him in to court should (but won't necessarily) make him provide the insurance card. Check your divorce papers (judgment of dissolution and/or parenting agreement) for the requirement of providing you with a card. If your court papers provide that both parents have insurance cards, you can either drag him to court or mediation. Again, just the threat of doing so may make him do the right thing.

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