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Does Education and location of school play a major role in custody trials?

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My son goes to school in my home district, his father lives in a different district, we are going to trial for full custody, my son is doing excellent transitioning from special education into regular education next year. How does this play a role in the custody decision?

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  1. Good day:
    I would start by strongly suggesting you discuss you questions with your attorney. They alone not us can give you answers specific to your case.

    My advice will be therefore of a general nature.
    As you probably know the standard in the law is the "best interest of the child /children" Cases though the state decided by Judges try to clarify what that means.

    The fact that your son is doing excellent under your care is a positive for you . I am sure your lawyer will want to establish that to the court.
    In my cases I generally try to bring in witnesses from the school to prove that.

    Good luck and please call your lawyer.


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  2. Speak with a local family law attorney. Education is one factor in the best interest of the child. Aldo, special needs is another factor.

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  3. It depends on the special needs of the child, how old he is, and what the alternatives are at a different school district if he has to change districts. Discuss these with your famil law attorney, who will be aware of the importance or lack of importance of the educational issue vs. the other issues.

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  4. I was involved recently (as attorney for the child) in a custody trial where orders were changed from joint custody with alternating weeks with each parent to joint custody with primary residential custody to mother; and three weekend vists per month for father. The child had attended school near the father's home and the central issue raised by the mother was that the school in her district was superior. She submitted proof from the DOE showing the difference in quality of the schools. Both parents were fit and their households were rather similar. Schooling became the deciding factor.

    A skilled attorney, familiar with the issues of your case, as well as being familiar with court and jurists hearing your case, can make a world of difference. These cases have long-lasting ramifications.