Does clicking to access MLS listings provided by a realtor via e-mail establish a client-agent relationship recognized by PA law

Conflict of interests

Philadelphia, PA -

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Brian Edward Sipe

Brian Edward Sipe

Business Attorney - Huntingdon Valley, PA

Do you mean that you clicked on the MLS listings by invitation from the Realtor? Was there some kind of contract that stated that you were bound if you clicked? Based upon what you have written, it sounds like someone is trying to manipulate you, but there is a possibility of a contractual relationship under the right circumstances. The realtor, however, would have to have done a lot more than click on listings.

Pamela Koslyn

Pamela Koslyn

Business Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

No. If a real estate broker wants an exclusive listing agreement with a client (and they always do), they need a written contract, and they'll have a very difficult time claiming the right to a commission without one.

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