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Does child support have to be written into divorce decree in PA?

Sharon, PA |

Thank you everyone for info so far.
Our divorce decree does not state anything about child support,assets,debs ect.Does talk about the types of custody we have of our kids.In lew of the lump sum I previously asked about and the fact that I was actually the injured one and could have filled alimony but did not.(I would have had to have it written into divorce papers) wouldnt she have had to do the same if she planned on getting support?Thank you ahead of time I need all the info I can get ..had I been aware she would do this I would have kept most of the share I gave her$158,000)because I cant work hardly at all due to my injurys.I would have kept that $$$ to provide monthly CS obligations.Also is the a time limmit with CS like their is with everything else?Our divorce was final May.Thanks

I also belive this helps prove that she was VERYaware that the amount given was mostly for the care and education of our children

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    I agree with Atty. Kuldiner. Additionally, even if there were a child support provision in your settlement agreement, she could still attempt to modify it until your child reaches the age of 18 or graduates high school, whichever is later. Be sure to consult an attorney before trying to litigate child support so that both of your incomes provide a fair and accurate calculation of your child support obligation.

  2. Child support is usually a seperate matter and can be modified until the child reaches 18 or graduates high school. Whichever comes later.

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