Does anyone know about the fee waiver for US citizenship?

My parents are trying to get their citizenship and I heard about the fee waiver. My parents file a joint tax return. My dad works, but my mom does not right now. My dad works as a limousine driver and is self-employed. What does USCIS look at on the tax return? Gross income is $73, 489. BUT since he is SELF-EMPLOYED as a driver, he pays for all his gas, tolls, car expenses, etc. Therefore, total income is $17,042 and adjusted gross income is $15,845. According to USCIS, for household with 2 people the income has to be $23,265 in order for them to qualify and get the fee waived. Do my parents qualify for the fee waiver for the us citizenship???

Jersey City, NJ -

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Aneliya M. Angelova

Aneliya M. Angelova

Immigration Attorney - Marlton, NJ

I agree with my colleague. It is hard to get a waiver for a citizenship application.

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Karen-Lee Pollak

Karen-Lee Pollak

Immigration Attorney - Dallas, TX

It is very hard to get a fee waiver especially for this type of application. I would urge them to try make a plan.

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