Does an inaccurate date and time on a uniform citation invalidate the citation?

My wife received a citation that listed 3/27/13(date) and 2100(time) with a location and an offense. We were in another city on the specified date and time and could prove this. We went to the department and were told that this event occurred on a date they could not tell us in February and that date(3/27) was when the officer had completed his investigation and was informed by the city prosecutor to issue a citation. To my understanding of the imprinting on the citation, isn't this supposed to be the date of the offense? After finally speaking to the officer after several days they have admitted that they issued the citation to the wrong person and apologized but wasn't this citation improperly written to begin with?

Wentzville, MO -

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Andrea R. Rogers

Andrea R. Rogers

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Saint Louis, MO

Errors on a citation can be corrected by the police officer or the prosecuting attorney at any time, up to and including the day of trial. In addition, the prosecuting attorney has up to 1 year to charge a defendant for a misdemeanor. Luckily, it sounds like your wife suffered no harm or damages, and the police officer apologized.

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