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Does an apartment complex have to replace carpet after a tenant moves out that had multiple pets?

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Said tenant had paid a non refundable pet deposit and monthly pet rent , as the new tenant may be allergic or something requiring the carpets to be replaced?

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There is no per se rule that carpet must be replaced after a tennat moves out. Whether this is reasonable and whether the tennant can be charged for the full cost of the replacement will depend on the age of the carpet and the condition it is in.

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Normally, the landlord replaces the carpet if it cannot be cleaned to almost new. The landlord is required to paint walls with marks or damage. All lights and applicances must work.

A good guide to landlord-tenant rights can be downloaded from the Fort Collins City website:

Two things: 1) do not move in unless any promised repairs are done, or you have in writing, on the lease, that they are to be done by a certain date.
2) do not move in if the premises are not suitable to live in.

You can always complain about an unscrupulous landlord to the city or county in which the property is located.

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