Does a retainer need to be paid 100% to have someone in court?

I will be able to get money at the end of August to try and retain an atty. What can I do to ask the court for a new date to obtain an atty. I asked for time to review something b4 and was denied. I am afraid that since I had an atty who quit, I wont be granted an extension to find a new one.

Plainfield, IL -

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Joseph Andrew Brabender IV

Joseph Andrew Brabender IV

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Chicago, IL

If your attorney withdrew recently most courts will give you 21 days to find a new one. However, the court has a lot of discretion.

Your fee arrangement is totally between you and your attorney. Most attorneys are wary of people that burn through multiple attorneys.

Good luck.

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David Matthew Gotzh

David Matthew Gotzh

Child Support Lawyer - Chicago, IL

What you work out between you and your lawyer is between you and him/her. There's no hard and fast rule, but most written contracts explain what you have to do before the attorney will file an appearance.

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

Usually, retainer's arrangements are solely between the client and the retained attorney. Also, you are correct that you may, at your election , to retain another counsel who, in your opinion, may represent your interests better. When you are in court, you may state your necessity to have additional time to retain a new counsel and the court usually permits additional time to do so.
I agree with the prior counsel, than anyone going through several attorneys in a fast clip may raise a red flag as a potentially problematic client.

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