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Does a reciept showing partial payment for a used car obligate the seller to complete the transaction?

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Buyer 2 has reciept showing partial payment on a Used car. However Buyer 1 has a receipt for a higher amount dated several days earlier for the same car. Buyer 2 is threatening to sue seller based on the claim that his reciept is a contract to sell. Seller has since reconsidered and wants to keep the car

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If the seller sold the same car twice, he is likely to be paying damages . . . Who he pays probably depends on the terms of the first contract. If the first contract wasn't written, we have what we call a "mess." If both contracts are evidenced by nothing more than partial receipts, we have a "real mess."

Attorney fees to sort this out are likely to be more than anyone is awarded . . .


I agree with Mr. Hawkins. I also wonder if the receipts indicate whether or not the "partial payment" or deposit is refundable and the duration that the vehicle is to be held by the dealership and not sold as a result of the partial payment. Look at the receipts and any other documents that may have been signed at the time each buyer made their "partial payment". These documents may answer your questions.

Good luck,

Beth Wells

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Ronald Lee Burdge

Ronald Lee Burdge


Beth is absolutely right - what is written on the receipts or anything else may make the difference. If you don't get it worked out, look for a lawyer near you at, a national list of lemon lawyers, and find one in your state

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