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Does a plea bargain ending with a "non-adjudicated" sentence mean that the offense will not show up on a criminal background chk

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In 1988 I was told by my lawyer if I plead guilty and serve my sentence (1 yr prob. $500 fine and $314 court costs) that the offense would not be on my record. However, I have been looking for a new job and have received search results which show the offense and the sentence as suspended.

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If you plead to a "deferred adjudication" type of probation, what will show on your record is the charge, the fact that you were arrested, and the outcome of the case, which is dismissed or possibly "non-adjudicated." The advantage of deferred adjudication is that successful completion results in no conviction.

If this is the only criminal offense you have had, and you are worried about your record, you should consult with an attorney about obtaining a petition for non-disclosure. This basically seals your record from most private entities, like possible employers, apartment complexes, etc.

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