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Does a person requesting a Financial Disclosure have to give their Financial Disclosure first before i do?

Orland Park, IL |
Filed under: Family law

i received the form from my ex-wife's attorney, but my ex-wife did not disclose hers first. Is it law that she needs to disclose hers prior to requesting from me?

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  1. no it is not the law. there may be a local court rule requiring disclosure from both of you by a certain time. if not, then she or he who asks, gets. she asked, you did not.

    since you do not know the procedural rules, why not hire a lawyer who does?

  2. I think you're in Cook County. Cook County has a rule that deals with this. It's too long to go into in this forum. You need to know the rules.

    Questions? Call -- 312-987-9999 -- no charge, no obligation. We can talk about the rules.

  3. There is no requirement that you must "show me yours before requiring me to show you mine." Financial disclosure, with only sa few exceptions, must e requested or it is not offered. You need a lawyer.

  4. Check your local court rules, but neither the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act nor the Supreme Court Rules require a person requesting discovery, such as a financial disclosure, to first disclose his or her finances before requesting the same from you.

    Nothing in this post creates an attorney-client relationship. This post is not meant to serve as legal advice.

  5. You need a lawyer, most of us do not charge for initial consult. There is no such thing "you show me yours before I show you mine." The rule is too long to go into it on this message board.

    This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not meant to be relied upon as legal advice.

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