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Does a person need to attach postage to personally delivered mail?

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I have a friend who bought some postcards and personally put them into peoples mailboxes to invite them to an event she was having. They weren't actually "mailed" out since they said they were to the resident and had the return address on there so the resident would know where to attend the event. However she did not put postage on them because she was not paying for the service of the Post Office to deliver the mail, since she did it herself. Today she received a phone call from the Postmaster saying that she could be fined for it since she didn't pay for postage. To me this is illogical since by paying for postage you are paying for a service, one that she did not use, so I don't see why you would have to attach postage on mail that you personally delivered.

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The Postmaster is right. Even though the home mailbox is owner by the individual, only the post office can deliver mail to it. Postal Service regulations provide that a mail receptacle may NOT be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage. I’ve attached a link to the regulations.

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