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Does a person have to be a member of the bar in order to represent me / act as my attorney?

Roseburg, OR |

IE: Could I appoint a law student to represent me or do I have to have an actual attorney?

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    You will need an attorney to represent you in court if you are not representing yourself.

    A law student may appear, in most states, IF under the supervision of an admitted attorney. Otherwise, not.

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  2. You need an actual attorney. It is illegal to practice law without a license. See:

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  3. You need to be represented by an attorney. Whether you know better or not, the law student better--no sense in getting disbarred before graduating; the job market is tough enough.

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  4. This is a bad idea!

    The only time that law students are allowed to practice law is under a limited set of circumstances where they are supervised by an attorney who is licensed to practice in Oregon. For example, Lewis And Clark Law School runs a program where tenants can get low-cost representation by law students practicing under a supervising attorney.

    To do otherwise is an ethics violation for the law student before they ever apply to the Oregon State Bar. Also, all attorneys in Oregon are required to carry Professional Liability Insurance. A law student would not have this, thus putting the client at even greater risk (in addition to the likely lack of experience).

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  5. As others have noted, you cannot be represented by the law student alone. The law student may do a lot of the actual lawyering but still must be supervised by an actual attorney who is ultimately responsible for your case.

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