Does a Judge disqualify himself by signing an Entry of Judgment that an illegal act of the prior Judge was justified?

The replacement Judge refused to review the complaint on the prior Judge and declared he adopted the former Judge's rulings and findings. Would he be going too far to “clear” the former Judge of wrongdoing by issuing an Entry of Judgment stating the prior Judge's actions were in the best interests of justice, especially as he refused to independently review the actions? Thank You—

Manteca, CA -

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James Carl Eschen III

James Carl Eschen III

Appeals Lawyer - Santa Cruz, CA

Probably not. You would have to show some sort of bias or corruption, not just that he adopted the incorrect ruling of another judge.

Your post is way too vague to allow anyone to give you much help, but you absolutely should not state more facts. You should consult a lawyer with whom you can discuss the matter confidentially.

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