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Does a DUI stay on your record? I am applying for a school, can I mark no under have I ever been charged with a misdemeanor? I

Arnold, MD |

I had a dui back in 2005, I recently applied to a school where the questions was asked if I ever was arrested for a misdemeanor, I had a background check done and it came back with nothing on it. I also checked myself on the website and nothing is there. Is it safe to assume that this is clear from my record now? I thought my attorney had to removed??

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No you cannot as it isn't true.


Your question is really asking, "can I lie about my history and criminal/traffic record?" The answer, obviously, is no. If you have a DUI from 2005, then you have been charged and the answer to the question is yes. All of us can lie any time we want, and sometimes probably get away with it. It is, however, a bad idea.

As far as being cleared from your record, it is almost certainly not cleared. Unless someone has made a mistake, a DUI from 2005 will still be on your record and visible through any standard background check. You should keep this in mind when answering such questions either on applications or during interviews. The DUI is not the end of the world, but lying about it will make matters much worse.


You have been charged and the answer should be yes.

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