Does a dispossessory warrant count as a violation against probation?

On 6 month probation for a speeding ticket with no moving violation. Now I am going to be evicted from my apartment and don't know how to handle it.

Atlanta, GA -

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Lee William Fitzpatrick

Lee William Fitzpatrick

Criminal Defense Attorney - Kennesaw, GA

A dispossessory is not a criminal violation and I've never heard of a probation officer trying to use it as a reason to violate probation. Remember that you do have a duty to inform your PO of any change of address and you may have a provision in your sentence that you get permission if you are going to move out of the jurisdiction, so be sure that those provisions don't trip you up.

Michael A Orozco

Michael A Orozco

Litigation Lawyer - Woodcliff Lake, NJ

This should not count, as it does not appear to be any kind of criminal violation. The first thing you should do, after you talk to an attorney, is contact your probation officer to inform him/her that you will be changing your address.

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