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Does a contract for a specific period of employment supersede SC's at-will employment laws?

Myrtle Beach, SC |

I had an employment contract for a full year in Myrtle Beach, SC. The contract stipulated a 90 probation period during which I could be terminated for any reason. Following that 90 probation period, there were specific types of conduct/non-performance listed that could reult in termination. I was terminated well after the 90 probation period with no cause given, and in fact three days after a meeting with management confirmed that I was performing more than satisfactorily.

I'm pretty sure I was fired for complaining to upper management that the on-site supervisors hired were rarely present or accessible. Under at-will law I understand I wouldn't have a leg to stand on, but doesn't my contract supersede at-will? Can I sue to be paid the remainder of the contract?

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Yes, a contract for employment governs over employment at will law. Your termination would have to be contractually or legally based in order to be lawful. Given that you have a contract and were performing beyond satisfactory levels, you should definitely consult an employment law attorney in your area.

Best of luck to you.

The answer to your question is not intended as legal advice or counsel. Because of the minimal facts involved in question and answer formats, the answer given serves as only that. No representation is created by the answer and comments given to an individual question. And you are advised to seek legal counsel in your specific area for a more detailed analysis and guidance on your particular situation.

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